Feeding your Digital Needs 

What we do and where we work       

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Our Goal

Provide a cost effective solution for data engineering projects, though responsive, thoughtful and competitive practices

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Supporting the DataCenter through servers, workstations,  remote computing , software, data visualization tools ,  secure KVM,  cables and power systems 

Visual Information Systems

´╗┐Cameras ,  Camcorders, Microphones ,Lenses,  Collaborative Projection,  Integrated Audio

Broadcasting Software,  Video Distribution 

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Mission Specific

Supporting the warfighter  though test and validation system platforms,   Integrated C2I applications,  point solutions for naval and aerial  communications,  MIL SPEC  components and cables

We Support your Mission

We understand the government procurement process from initial component source selection,  to design reviews ,  program management and acquisition. We have you covered.                                        We get  TAA  Made in America,  MILSPEC  and UID  requirements. 

We understand the complexities of Federal Government contracting.    We have the contracts in place to handle your requirements  including  GWAC's, IDIQs,  and GSA schedules.   From delivery orders to credit card purchases,  we understand WAWF and PIEE.   

Some of our Customer Benefits :

Timely tracking information

Consolidated tracking and delivery reports.  

Wide variety of manufactures represented

Single account point of contact

Varied contracting vehicles

Order kitting and consolidated deliveries  

Electronic invoicing

Strategic Vendor Partners:´╗┐ 


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